CSR. Corporate Social Responsibility
Doing it right and communicating it…

Anything else?


Yes, you have to be different.
Thousands of companies try to occupy a space in the public consciousness by trying to communicate that they are doing well using conventional media and strategies. The result is minimal or very limited in time.

Our four challenges for communicating CSR campaigns:
1. Receiving attention from the media and stakeholders.
2. To interest all targets with a universal message.
3. Maintain a permanent recall over time.
4. Scalable actions.


We believe that it is possible to achieve these four communication objectives using “gamification” strategies.

Gamify the CSR Campaign
Gamification has proven to have excellent results in the education sector. And it is a perfectly incorporable strategy in CSR operations, since it meets all the necessary conditions.

1. Novelty for the media.
2. It allows the message of a company or institution to be converted into a universal message.
3. It provides important and interesting knowledge.
4. It is capable of permanently establishing itself as a reference in all areas.

How is it achieved?
It consists of aligning the message of the Company or Institution’s activity with the interest of the stakeholders. Consequently, each project must be unique and specific for each client.

Creation and development
1. We start by studying the profile of the Company or Institution.
2. Define the objectives and targets.
3. An alignment proposal is created between the Company or Institution’s activity and the current interests of the stakeholders.
4. Different dissemination channels and their specificity are studied and determined.
5. The necessary pieces are produced.
6. The launching event is designed.
7. Follow-up of the results of the action.

The Art of Gamification
Art History offers transversal resources of “story telling” and images that can be aligned with a very original CSR gamification project. It is precisely an unused resource that would allow to create a very different approach for Companies and Institutions whatever their sector. Our experience in the field of Art, Branding and Events allows us to face with solvency such a unique proposal with great social reach.

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