PAVOTS D’ARGENT by Roger & Gallet

At the Crivillé Perfume Library & Museum

Country: France
Author: Roger & Gallet
Year: 1928

By Norberto León

Beautiful Facial Powder Packaging Design
in Roger & Gallet’s 1928 Catalog

Header Pavot d-Argent_Facial-Powder--by-Roger-&-Gallet

The packaging designs of the time are true works of art designed by the most imaginative artists. This container design was made by the famous artist of the time René Lalique. In the Crivillé Perfume Collection Library and Museum, this facial powder container is one of the most beautiful. 

Pavots D'Argents_interior and capInterior with the product protected with a hermetic wrapper. Outer lid of the box.

New Sides-and-back-Pavots-d'ArgentSides of the box and back with the name of the article

Box Design: created by Rene Lalique in 1927
Dimensions in inches: 
width: 2,56 in,  length: 3,34 in,  height: 0,99 in
Dimensions in centimeters:  ancho: 65 mm,  largo: 85 mm,  alto: 25 mm)
Container printing: 4 solid colors (pink, purple, black and silver)
Material: cardboard lined with printed paper

Pavots d’Argent page in the Catalogue  

The page where the Pavots d’Argent product line is presented is printed with the maximum luxury of finishes. It was printed in four-color CMYK system (blue, magenta, yellow and black) plus gold and silver inks on two types of high quality papers.

Pavots dArgent by Roger & Gallet_Catalog_950 W



1928_ROGER-&-GALLET_catalogue-coverCatalogue Cover
This is one of the 103 catalogues held by the Crivillé Perfume Library & Museum. Possibly, this is the world’s largest collection of old perfume manufacturers’ catalogues.
As this collection is an important reference source for collectors, the Crivillé Library has decided to edit facsimiles that can be requested.
If you are interested in purchasing a copy, please contact the director of the Collection at: [email protected]

204 reproductions of products with references and prices of the time.
78 pages (21 in color)
Dimensions in inches:  height: 10,24,  width: 13,58 in 
Dimensions in centimeters: alto: 24,5,  ancho: 26 cm

The Fragrance
(reformulated by Alberto Morillas and relaunched in 2005 )   

It is classified as a floral oriental fragrance for women.
Top notes: bergamot, Yuzu
Middle notes: poppy flower, Bulgarian rose, jasmine
Base notes: vetiver, patchouli, woody notes and amber

Successful product line. In addition to facial powders, Pavots d’Argent was available in perfume, eau de toilette, bath salts, sachet and soap.

Pavots-d'argent, Ad


Announcement of the time
L’ILLUSTRATION, 30 march 1929

Pavots d’Argents was one of the first cosmetic lines created by Roger & Gallet where the company developed an extensive advertising program in France and abroad.

Original copy of the advertisement in the collection of the Crivillé Perfume Library & Museum.









RogerGallet_portraits400px-WShort history of the brand

In 1862 Armand Roger and his brother-in-law Charles Gallet, founded the Roger & Gallet brand in Paris, standing out for the originality and quality of their products.
They created innovative products such as soaps, tooth care, beauty care of the face, hair and even makeup. In 1879 they designed the most emblematic product of the brand in its time, the round soap with its perfume in the center, which allowed a better adherence leaving the soap perfumed until its last use.
Over the years, the brand acquired great development and, in 1932 in Paris, inaugurated the “Boutique du Bonheur”, whose fame attracted customers such as Marilyn Monroe, Ingrid Bergman, Bernard Buffet and Maria Callas among other prominent personalities.

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