LALIQUE PERFUMES, Limited Editions 2018

Masters of Design Series

Country: France
City: Paris
Museum/Gallery: Musèe Lalique
Year: 2018

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A glorious heritage in new flask creations
to hold luxury fragrances


Each year Lalique’s designers create a new flask and a new fragrance in limited editions. The designs are inspired by the rich legacy of René Lalique’s creations. The fragrances interpret the subtle messages that the design suggests to the perfumer. In every detail, the design of the flask and the fragrance maintains the spirit of perfection and excellence that René Lalique imprinted on all his creations.

2018 leitmotiv: SEDUCTION

The inspiration for the 2018 Limited Edition flask

2018__second-vase-Serpent---Lalique-600-WAn iconic vase by René Lalique. A secret, enigmatic creature, the Serpent coils, embraces and enfolds. An age-old symbol of wisdom, fertility or seduction, the inspiration for the precious crystal bottle of the 2018 Limited Edition has always fascinated artists.
Seduced by its sinuous curves, Art Nouveau turned it into one of its most emblematic figures.
Better than any other, René Lalique knew how to exalt this creature of mystery. Throughout his career, it was often featured in his jewels, 
mirrors or vases: for instance, the 1924 “Serpent” vase drawn from his teeming Bestiary.

It is this strikingly modern piece –a snake whose three coils form the body of the vase – which the House of Lalique reinvents for its 2018 Limited Edition.

The Concept of Design 


A contemporary creation drawn from ancient myths. To fashion the sumptuous “Séduction” flacon, the master- glassmakers of the Cristallerie Lalique have drawn on their peerless know-how, based on the experience of many years. 
At each step of the process, a painstaking inspection ensures the flawless perfection of each piece. A contemporar y design, the Serpent twists and multiplies to draw elegant figure-eight shapes. Between the sinuous coils that embrace the curves of the flacon, the fragrance reveals its tender blushing shade under the satin crystal skin. The snake’s gold-stamped scales trace delicate geometric motifs.
The Serpent also coils, as though on a caduceus, around the spectacular “stilligoutte” stopper. Dipped into the nectar of Lalique de Lalique, it is the ultimate touch of refinement in a piece that evokes the most ancient myths of humankind.


LALIQUE-2018_-FRAGRANCES_544-WA bouquet redolent of Paradise found.
A spellbinding Garden of Eden blossoms between the smooth flanks of this fabulously tempting flacon.
A bouquet redolent of Paradise found, where rose of fers its velvet y petals to a jasmine-scented breeze, and the spicy warmth of night-scented stock enhances the powder y softness of iris.

At the hear t of the fragrance, a trio of forbidden fruit exerts its irresistible charms: sweet juicy blackberry, crisp green blackcurrant leaves and tart mouthwatering pear. The bewitching scent exerts its ultimate temptation with a tender caress of vanilla, usks and sandalwood. There is no other choice but to yield.




2018_Limited_Edition_Seduction_second Box_Opened_504-WiThe Case
Also in this detail the designers have succeeded.
They have created the right frame with clean lines of extreme simplicity to not compete with the design of the bottle, so it can shine in all its splendor.
The very solid box is made of wood, covered with a beige leather fabric, printed with a motif and gold hinges…. worthy of a high jewellery box to protect something very valuable!

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estuche cerrado-2020-Limited-Edition-Orchidee-Crystal-Box-Closed-300-W

The 10 perfumes Lalique of LIMITED EDITIONS
are on display and can be admired at the Lalique Museum in Wingen-sur-Moder,
40 Rue du Hochberg, 67290, France.  Tel. +33 3 88 89 08 14


The Lalique Museum’s collections include over 650 exceptional works that follow the career of René Lalique and his successors. Organised according to themes and chronology, it offers a broad panorama of Lalique creations including Art Nouveau jewellery, Art Deco glass and contemporary crystal.

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