LALIQUE PERFUMES, Limited Editions 2020

Masters of Design Series

Country: France
City: Paris
Museum/Gallery: Musèe Lalique
Year: 2020

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Each year Lalique’s designers create a new flask and a new fragrance in limited editions.
The designs are inspired by the rich legacy of René Lalique’s creations.
The fragrances interpret the subtle messages that the design suggests to the perfumer.
In every detail, the design of the flask and the fragrance maintains the spirit of perfection
and excellence that René Lalique imprinted on all his creations.

A glorious heritage in new flask creations
to hold luxury fragrances


2020 leitmotiv: The ORCHID

Rene Lalique broochThe rare and precious orchid has always held a special fascination for Nature lovers. It was a fertility symbol for Ancient Greeks; in China, it represented perfection and spiritual purity.
In the Victorian era, its exotic beauty made it the epitome of luxury. The strange sinuous forms of the orchid, recalling both insect wings and a dancer’s veils, made it one of the most iconic flowers of Art Nouveau. It was this floral muse that inspired some of René Lalique’s most sublime jewels.
Pansy brooch made with diamonds and crystal
designed by René Lalique



The Concept of Design 

> The pure round shape, was often chosen by René Lalique to show the floral decoration in their bottles of perfume.

> In this new creation the orchids bloom on a transparent crystal background which reveals the tender pink tone of the fragrance.

> The flowers are as satin as the real orchids, the petals have shiny and polished reliefs to underline their design.

> The bottle is crowned with a cap in the shape of an orchid petal with delicate veins, demonstrating the outstanding skill of Lalique’s masters-glassmakers.



The Essences
To waft its scent, the aristocratic orchid borrows the
essences of the noblest flowers of the perfumers’ palette: rose, jasmine and iris, fluttering in a spicy breeze of a gillyflower accord.
The suave flesh of a pear, a crisp blackcurrant leaf, a juicy blackberry… The radiance of a fruity accord evokes the gleam of crystal. In the languid balsamic dry-down notes, vanilla remembers it is part of the orchid family. Its trail, blended with musks and sandalwood, leaves a velvet-soft veil on skin…

The Perfumers. Lalique de Lalique, in a Parfum version, created by Max Gavarry and Béatrice Piquet, IFF.

Perfumer’s quote : “We conceived this fragrance as a soaring accord of radiant rose and jasmine as we admired the brilliance of crystal. To reflect its play of colors, we added nuances of cassis buds, pear and wild blackberries. Powdery orris and a velvety dry-down of musks and vanilla evoke the sensuality of its satin finish.”



The Case
Also in this detail the designers have succeeded.
They have created the right frame with clean lines of extreme simplicity to not compete with the design of the bottle, so it can shine in all its splendor.
The very solid box is made of wood, covered with a beige leather fabric, printed with a motif and gold hinges…. worthy of a high jewellery box to protect something very valuable!

estuche cerrado-2020-Limited-Edition-Orchidee-Crystal-Box-Closed-300-W

René Lalique heritage inspires the new design

Chypre Ambre by Rene Lalique 19191919
Flask of “Chypre Ambré”, designed by René Lalique in 1929, for the VOLNAY perfume house

With great respect for the master’s original art, today’s designers manage to create a new design with their own ideas. The design is new but the Lalique style remains.
Only 1500 pieces have been made for collectors who want to own something unique, which will be part of the history of perfume forever.

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The 10 perfumes Lalique of LIMITED EDITIONS
are on display and can be admired at the Lalique Museum in Wingen-sur-Moder,
40 Rue du Hochberg, 67290, France.  Tel. +33 3 88 89 08 14


The Lalique Museum’s collections include over 650 exceptional works that follow the career of René Lalique and his successors. Organised according to themes and chronology, it offers a broad panorama of Lalique creations including Art Nouveau jewellery, Art Deco glass and contemporary crystal.

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