LIU by Guerlain

At the Crivillé Perfume Library & Museum

Country: France
Artist: Jacques Guerlain
Year: 1929

By Norberto León

Another great perfume inspired by a love story


The LIU perfume was another of Jacques Guerlain’s great creations inspired by a love story, as was the creation of the perfume Shalimar.

Jacques-Guerlain-y-Poster-TURANDOT_950_WThe inspiration for the perfume came from Puccini’s opera Turandot, premiered in 1926 in Milan, where slave Liu sacrifices her life to save that of her beloved Calaf.

 Jacques Guerlain, Jacques Guerlain,
one of the finest noses of the 20th century, was also the most romantic

Original poster of the premiere of
the Turandot Opera in 1926


In 1929 Jacques Guerlain created the perfume LIU, whose bottle design is one of the most beautiful examples of Art Deco aesthetics, whose advertising was also illustrated by artists with the most refined and sophisticated style of the time.


LIU Ads_950

LIU was a Best Seller of sales for decades
Cover and page of LIU perfume from Guerlain’s 1950 catalog. Crivillé Library & Museum Collection



LIU 2012 ad

Christmas 2012

the Guerlain house presented
a modernized version.

Design with which the new presentation was announced in 2012 with abundant graphic references of the Chinese tradition, where the history of the Turandot Opera is developed.








Technical Information

LIU-pack-and-flask__1000-altoWThe manufacture of the first LIU flask was carried out by another great specialized company which today continues to operate as a large international company.
Flacon Tabatière 1927
Designer: Raymond Guerlain
Material: Glass
Manufacturer: Pochet & du Courbal
Origin: France
Date: 1927
Dimensions: Height 9,2cm,  Width 6,5 cm,  Depth 3,7 cm

Raymond Guerlain
Wood lined with fabric paper
Dimensions: Height
10,6 cm,  Width 8 cm,  Depth 5,8 cm

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